Clever as the devil and ​twice as pretty


Viridian Moon is a member and co-producer of Austin’s own Bat City ​Bombshells. Once a voyeur of the scene just like you, since 2018 her ​kink has been dominating audience members’ hearts. Beyond the ​stage, she is a mentor, inspiring others to follow their passions and ​create meaningful art. You’ve seen her in the Texas Burlesque ​Festival, the 2023 Tulsa Burlesque Festival, Nosferatu Festival, and ​soon the upcoming 2024 Mile High Burlesque Festival. With each ​move, this fierce force commands attention and leaves audiences ​captivated. She’s clever as the devil and twice as pretty,

Virdian Moon!

Upcoming Shows

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Geekgasm Revue- ​The Drive-In Will ​Never Die

March 29th 8pm KickButt Coffee ​Austin, TX

Mile High ​Burlesque ​Festival

April 12th HQ Denver, Colorado

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Viridian Moon

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